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Listen to our 21 CD Program while you are driving, doing housework, doing yard work, or even walking - either idle time or time when your hands are working but your mind is free to listen.

You can choose 3 audio formats that best suit your listening convenience: MP3 download, CD, or Cassette Tape.  If you choose MP3 download, you are just minutes away from listening to your first download.  If you choose CD or Cassette Tape, you will be mailed 3 CDs or Cassette Tapes by mail postpaid.  A pre-addressed return mailer will be enclosed.  Just return the CD or Cassette Tape packet as you complete it.  Another CD or Cassette Tape packet will then be sent.

When you have completed listening to the entire 21 CD Program (MP3 Downloads, CDs or Cassettes), you will receive some Shaklee Products of your choice FREE!  More details to follow after you register.


Here are a few of the titles and subjects in the program:

  • "Natural Solutions for the Challenge of Cancer" - Explanation of the causes of cancer.  Also, hear testimonials from people who have used nutrition to help with treatment and recovery from cancer.
  • Robert Biggers, MD, "Medicine and Nutrition" - Recent research that establishes the importance of nutrition to medicine and health.
  • Barbara Lagoni, PhD "Women's Health & Nutrition" - Includes discussion of PMS and menopause
  • Martha Willmore, Nutritionist - "How to Vitalize Your Life and Create a Toxin-Free Home for Your Family"
  • "Build Your Child's Immune System" - Explanation of how to strengthen the immune system naturally, with testimonies of mothers who have reversed patterns of sickness in their children.
  • Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee - Excerpts from some of Dr. Shaklee's live talks.

The value of this 21 CD Program far exceeds the free Shaklee Products.  It will empower you with knowledge on how to build optimum health and how to take action steps so you can enjoy living better. 

(*This offer is not available to anyone who is currently buying Shaklee products from another Shaklee distributor outside of the Ingalsbe group, the Pulliam group or the Martin group.) 

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